Solar Panel Installation

How does solar panel installation work?

  • Australia is one of the sunniest continents in the world with massive potential for solar PV. This can make a significant contribution to electricity generation in Australia. Solar Panels allow us to make the most of this incredible large and renewable source of energy.

    In order to get the most benefit from your solar system, it is essential that all panels are mounted in such a manner to maximise their exposure to the sun. They should preferable face North, but should this not be possible, Target Electrical & Solar will assist in ensuring the best possible outcome. The panels will subsequently capture the suns energy, which is then converted, by an inverter, into AC Electricity that be used in your home.

  • The initial financial out lay for a Solar PV system may seem significant, but the ongoing benefits will see your investment returned. Solar PV is not only financially beneficial in the long run, but will reduce the carbon footprint in your home as solar energy remains green, clean and renewable.

    For more information about the installation of a solar system in your home or business, please refer to the documents below as published by the Clean Energy Council.

    Guide to Installing PV Solar for Households
    Guide to Installing PV Solar for Buisness and Idustry


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